Sing Hallelujah to the Lord - Stassen

This folk-style, meditative praise song was composed  in 1973 by American evangelical Christian performer Linda Stassen (b 1951)   (who later became Linda Stassen-Benjamin).   It was completed at a workshop held at Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, California, USA, and originally released by New Song Creations in 1974.   An early recording was made Calvary Chapel's music division, Maranatha! Music.

The song was quickly learnt by people from around the world and across denominations, translated into various languages, and appeared in many hymnals.   The song was widely used as a protest anthem by Christians in Hong Kong in mid 2019.

Several additional Easter-themed verses were added - the author(s) of these are unclear.  Some sources state that Stassen's original lyric was "Lift up up your hearts unto the Lord" (ref), and that the other verses were simply taken from early Christian liturgical sources.

With irregular meter it is always set to an unnamed tune by Stassen. This has a 4/4 time signature. In the key of Cm, the first few notes are G FEDCB, BM D C, with accompanying chords Cm / Gm / Cm.   It is usually published set for two parts, with te basic melody and a higher descant part. The parts can be arranged in various ways to suit different groups: for congregational use, a common split is men on the first part and women on the second.

No sources of sheet music for the melody-line / vocal setting have been found, apart from hymnals eg  Scripture in Song volume 1, More Songs of the Spirit - Songs of the Renewal volume 2,  Hymns Old and New 2009 (Kevin Mayhew Ltd) - and many others.  But a number of instrumental or orchestral arrangements have been published, an done is linked below.

Sing alleluia phrase superimposed on an illuminated cross being lifted up from the waters and reflecting God's glory - Lift up up your hearts unto the Lord


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Singer with small band backing - professional recording:

Congregation with men's and women's parts, unaccompanied:

Contemporary music-video:

Lead singer and choir with orchestra - Korean language:


Sing hallelujah to the Lord.
Sing hallelujah to the Lord.
Sing hallelujah.
Sing hallelujah.
Sing hallelujah to the Lord,.

Jesus is risen from the dead ...

Jesus is living in his church ...

Jesus is Lord of heaven and earth ..

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