Toe the Mark, Get Set

This short inspirational song for children - which lends itself to being used as an action song - was  written by American Evangelical minister and gospel song-writer Virgil P (Prentiss) Brock (1887-1978).

The text uses the imagery of running a race, which is expressed by Paul in 2 Timothy 4:6-8 - but from the perspective of the start of the race rather than the end.

The song was published in Action Songs for Boys and Girls, Volume 4  Singspiration 1955 - no other publications or recordings have been located - but it has been requested on this website a number of times.

It is set to an unnamed tune, written by Brock's wife, composer and pianist, Blanche Kerr Brock nee (1888-1958). This has a 4/4 time signature. In the key of C, the first few notes are G #F G z G G z G A GEC.



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Toe the mark get set, run the race of life;
There's a prize awaiting you;
Lay aside every weight, each besetting sin,
keep the heavenly goal in view.
Witness all around, watching as you run,
Never falter, never fail;
Toe the mark get set, run the race of life;
There's a prize awaiting you.

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  1. I sang this song in vacation bible school growing up, and I was just singing it this morning at age 48. I love how songs stick with you and how they can impact a child for the gospel.


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