Abide in me My Lord

This folk-style hymn was written by Australian singer-songwriter Brian Boniwell, and is mainly comprised of from phrases in John 15:1-14 and Matthew 7.

It was originally released on the album The Comforter (ref), and later on the album The Lord Delights - released by Spectrum Publications, Australia in 1981, where it was sung by Roman Catholic priest and Carmelite friar Paul Gurr.  In 1987, a songbook with words from various songs on Paul Gurr's albums was released by Spectrum Publications (ref).

No currently in-print publications, or second-hand sources of sheet music, have been found for this song.  However a CD / downloadable version The Lord Delights is currently available from iTunes and on Spotify.



Singer with guitar and flute - professional recording:


Abide in me my Lord
And I'll abide in you.
Abide in me, abide in me,
And I'll abide in you.

1 Seek and you will find.
Knock and the door will be opened.
Ask the Father in my name,
And he will give to you.

2 Know that I am here
When your heart is weary.
I will be your peace and joy,
For I will be your light.

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