Jesus Lead the Way

This hymn of petition, which is popular for funerals, is based on a two German hymns by Nicolaus Ludwig and Graf von Zinzendorf, which were combinted  as, "Jesu, geh voran" in 1771.

The English translation was made by Arthur Farlander in 1939 (verse 1) and Jane Borthwick (1813-1897) - the other verses.

With meter, tunes it is set to the tune  ROCHELLE, composed in 1665 by German musician and choirmaster, Adam Drese (c 1620-1701)

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Choir, unaccompanied:

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Instrumental - piano:


Jesus, lead the way through our life’s long day,
And with faithful footsteps steady
we will follow ever ready,
Guide us by your hand to the promised land(*)

Jesus, still lead on ‘til our rest be won;
And although the way is cheerless,
we will follow, calm and fearless;
Guide us by your hand to the promised land.

Jesus, be our light in the midst of night.
Let not faithless fear o’ertake us,
let not faith and hope forsake us;
May we feel you near as we worship here.

When in deepest grief, strengthen our belief.
When temptations come alluring,
make us patient and enduring;
Lord, we seek your face in this holy place.

Jesus, still lead on ‘til our rest be won;
If you lead us through rough places,
grant us your redeeming graces.
When our course is o’er, open heaven’s door.

(*) The original translation of  this line was "Guide us by Thy hand to our fatherland."

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