I was Full of Joy

The author and source of this folk-style hymn of joy are unknown. The refrain appears to be based on the opening phrase of Psalm 122 (123).

The only publication found to date is in the Canadian Catholic Book of Worship II (not later editions).

The unnamed tune has a 4/4 time signature. In the key of E, the first few notes of the refrain are E_ FGA B_ z c BA B z.



Duet, self-accompanied on guitar:

Solo singer, refrain only with spaces for the verses:


I was full of joy, Alleluia,
When i set out for the house of the Lord.

May peace be within your walls,
And may all your homes be filled with joy,
Alleluia. Thanks be to God most high.

May light shine upon your way,
And may all your paths be straight and sure,
Alleluia. Thanks be to God most high.

May love lead you by the hand,
Till you reach your everlasting home,
Alleluia. Thanks be to God most high.

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