Hail Queen Enthroned

The author of this Advent hymn about Mary is unknown.

It shares some opening phrases with Hail Mary Pearl of Grace by Dom Bede Camm OSB which was published in the 1953 St Basil Hymnal. But this overlap is superficial: the rest of the verses and the chorus are quite different.

One source has claimed that it is published in the New Saint Basil Hymnal (1958). But an on-line index to that book says that it is Hail Holy Queen Enthroned Above, not this hymn, which is included.

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Hail, Mary, full of grace,
Hail, flow'r of Adam's race,
Who gave the Son of God a dwelling;
He found a place of rest
Within your sinless breast:
Oh, wonderful beyond all telling!

Hail, Queen enthroned above,
Hail, miracle of love
And wondrous work of God's perfection;
O lovely morning star
Clear shining from a far,
We sinners hope for your protection.

Through you all graces flow
To men on earth below; through you is
Evry favor given;
Help us to conquer sin
That we may enter in through you,
O blessed gate, to heaven.

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