I Accept You from the Hands of my God

The author and composer of this short song of love and acceptance are unknown, and no sources of sheet music have been found.

The hymn is often used at weddings in some parts of India - but the messages is equally appropriate in some other situations too, for example between parents and their children.

It has been recorded by Indian music artists Glen and Therese La'Rive and was included on the album Rivers of Joy - but they do not appear to be the original authors.


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Duet with backing track:

Singer with electronic organ:

Instrumental - band track on an electronic keyboard:


I accept You from the hands of my God,
You are God's gift to me, a beautiful gift,
This gift of love, God has given me.

From this day we live in love
together in the love of our God.
You are precious to me, You're my guide
In your joys and your griefs, I'm with You.

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  1. Please upload all songs from the album (Rivers of Joy), I used to cassette but now its broken.