Joseph Pure Spouse of that Immortal Bride

This hymn about St Joseph was written by English Anglican clergyman and later Roman Catholic convert and priest Edward Caswall (1814-1878).

It is a translation of Te Joseph Celebrent, a Latin hymn composed by Clement X (1670-1676).

With meter, it has been set to two, apparently un-named but similar tunes, one of which is attributed to M. Mattoni.



Solo singer with minimal piano accompaniment:


Traditional language

Joseph, pure spouse of that immortal Bride;
Who shines in ever-virgin glory bright,
Through all the Christian climes thy praise be sung,
Through all the realms of light.

Thee, when amazed concern for thy betrothed
Had filled thy righteous spirit with dismay.
An angel visited and with blest words
Scattered thy fears away.

Thine arms embraced thy Maker newly born:
With Him to Egypt's desert didst thou flee:
Him in Jerusalem didst seek and find;
O grief, O joy for thee.

Not until after death their blissful crown
Other obtain, but unto thee was given,
In thine own lifetime to enjoy thy God
As do the blest in Heaven.

Grant us great Trinity, for Joseph's sake
Unto the starry mansions to attain;
There, with glad tongues, thy praise to celebrate
In one eternal strain.

An additional verse - not part of Caswall's original - which has been added by some schools:
Thee Patron of this most dear school we pray
Look on each child of ours as long ago
Thou didst regard the little Son of Mary,
With guidance and true love.

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