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Be with us Mary Along the Way (No man can live as an island)

This song of petition to Mary is an English-language translation of a traditional Spanish liturgy song "Ven con nosotros a caminar, Santa María, ven".    It is sometimes called To Our Lady of the Way.

The translator and the composer of the tune are unknown:  If you have any information about them, please leave a message in the Comments box near the bottom of the page.

The song was included on the album "Just Praising the Lord" by Tony Dias - but the cover material for that album clarifies that he did not translate it.

A full piano score for the Spanish-language version is available here,while lead-sheet format sheet music is available for free download below.



Lead singer and band:

Singer and band:

Singer with backing track:

Instrumental - keyboard with rhythm:

ABC Notation

About ABC notation

T:Be With us Mary Along the Way
"D" F F2 F F E2 D | "G" G4 "D" F4 | "A" E2 EE E E2 D | "D" F8 |
w:1~~~~No one can live as an is-land, jour-ney-ing through life a-lone.
w:2~~~~When Je-sus met with re-jec-tion, Mary__ stood by the cross;
w:3~~~~Help us, O star of the ocean,_ be_ with us in our strife,
w:4~~~~Of-ten en-ough in life’s ban-quet we shall_ run short of wine
"G" G G2 G G2 AB | "D" A2-F-D "A" D4 | E E2 E "D" E D-D2 | D8 |
w:1~~~~Since we're most loved by a mo_ther, Je-sus gave us His__ own.
w:2~~~~How can a mo-ther de-sert her_ son? She’ll also_ stand by_ us.
w:3~~~~When we are faced with temp-ta-tion,_ tossed_ by the sto-rms of life.
w:4~~~~Then as at Cana,_ re-quest your_ son to make our lives_ di-vine.
"G" B2 BB B d2 B | "D"A3 A d4| "A" A2 AA "G" (BA2) A | "D"A8 |
w:~~~~Be with us Mary_a-ong the way, guide ev-ry step_we take.
"G" B2 BB B d2 B | "D" A3 A d4| "A" A2 AA "G" (A G2 F)| "D"F8 |]
w:Lead us to Je-sus your lov-ing son. Come with us, Mary__ come.


No one can live as an island,
Journeying through life alone.
Since we’re most loved by a mother,
Jesus gave us His own.

Be with us Mary, along the way,
Guide every step we take.
Lead us to Jesus your loving son.
Come with us, Mary come.

When Jesus met with rejection,
Mary stood by the cross;
How can a mother desert her son?
She’ll also stand by us.

Help us, O star of the ocean,
Be with us in our strife,
When we are faced with temptation,
Tossed by the storms of life.

Often enough in life’s banquet
we shall run short of wine
Then as at Cana, request your son
To make our lives divine.

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