Be Still and Know I am With You

This is a hymn about trust in God.

It was written by English Roman Catholic teacher Anne Scott (nee Conway, b 1940). At the time it was written she was known as Sister Jude, and an Ursuline religious sister.  The words are based on Jn 14:18, "I will not leave you orphans."

It is set to an unnamed tune, also by Scott.   This has a 6/8 time signature. In the key of D, the first few notes are F E_ E E_ DEF A_ with accompanying chords G / A7 / D

It was included in Catholic Hymns Old and New 2009 (Kevin Mayhew Ltd - and possibly earlier editions, and also in the Celebration Hymnal for Everyone (1994 and 2012 McCrimmon Publications) - both of these books are still in-print.   They are the only known sources of sheet music for this song.


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Small group with backing track:

Small choir with piano, recorded live in a church service:

Instrumental - guitar:

Instrumental - backing track:


The lyrics are copyright so cannot be reproduced here. But they are currently available on this website. A rough outline is:
1 Be still, and know I am with you ...

2 You fear the light may be fading ...

3 Be glad the day you have sorrow ...

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1 Be still, and know I am with you,
Be still, I am the Lord.
I will not leave you orphans.
I leave you with my world. Be one.

2 You fear the light may be fading,
You fear to lose your way.
Be still, and know I am near you.
I'll lead you to the day and the sun.

3 Be glad the day you have sorrow.
Be glad, for then you live.
The stars shine only in darkness,
and in your need I give my peace.

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