Holy Mary Mother Mild

This is a Marian hymn of praise from the 19th century.

It was first published in Rohr's Favorite Catholic Melodies, 1854.   It is usually attributed to English-born, American-emigrant musician, choirmaster and music editor. William Dressler (1826–1914) - it is likely that he wrote the tune, rather than the words. 

The text has meter:   The tune is unnamed. 



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Small choir with organ:


1 Holy Mary Mother Mild,
O dearest Mother
Hear O hear thy feeble child,
O sweet sweet Mother.

O exult ye Cherubim
And rejoice ye Serephim:
Praise her praise her,
O praise our spotless Mother.

2 Tossed on life's tempestuous sea,
O dearest Mother
Cast thy tender eyes on me,
O sweet sweet Mother.

3 Brightest in the courts above,
O dearest Mother
Joy of angels, Queen of love,
O sweet, sweet Mother!

4 Maiden Mother, hear my prayer,
O dearest Mother
Prove to me thy loving care,
O sweet, sweet Mother!

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