O Mother I Could Weep for Mirth

This is a hymn about Mary, which is particularly appropriate for the feast of the Immaculate Conception

The words were written by English hymn-writer, theologian, Roman Catholic convert and priest, Fr Frederick William Faber (1814-1863).

With meter 8686 with refrain, tunes it is set to include:
  • An unnamed tune by William Pitts (1829-1903) - published in Oratory Hymn tunes
  • An unnamed tune by Rev R B Sankey.

Earlier publications set the text in a different meter and without a refrain, but all recent use is in the format shown below.


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Instrumental - organ: 

Instrumental - piano: 


1  O Mother! I could weep for mirth,
Joy fills my heart so fast;
My soul today is heaven on earth,
Oh could the transport last!

I think of thee, and what thou art,
Thy majesty, thy state;
And I keep singing in my heart—
Immaculate! Immaculate!

2 When Jesus looks upon thy face,
His heart with rapture glows,
And in the Church, by his sweet grace,
Thy bless├Ęd worship grows.

3 The angels answer with their songs,
Bright choirs in gleaming rows;
And saints flock round thy feet in throngs,
And heaven with bliss o’erflows.

4 And I would rather, Mother dear!
Thou shouldst be what thou art,
Than sit where thou dost, oh, so near
Unto the Sacred Heart.

5 Yes, I would forfeit all for thee,
Rather than thou should'st miss
One jewel from thy majesty,
One glory from thy bliss.

6 Conceived, conceived Immaculate!
Oh what a joy for thee!
Conceived, conceived Immaculate!
Oh greater joy for me!

7 Immaculate Conception! Far
Above all graces blest!
Thou shinest like a royal star
On God’s eternal breast!

8 It is this thought today that lifts
My happy heart to heaven:
That for our sakes thy choicest gifts
To thee, dear Queen, were given.

9 God prosper thee, my Mother dear;
God prosper thee, my Queen;
God prosper his own glory here
As it hath ever been!

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