Star of Ocean Fairest

This hymn about Mary is based on the 6th century Latin hymn "Ave maris stella", which is attributed to Venantius Fortunatus.

It was translated by Scottish Episcopal clergyman, Thomas Isaac Ball (1838-1916), and first published in Songs of Syon by Schott & Co, London in 1908.

With meter, it is almost always set to the tune AVE MARIS STELLA - an 18th Century Melody from "Arundel Hymns", composed or arranged by John Richarson (1816-79).



Instrumental - organ, professional recording:


Traditional language

Star of Ocean fairest,
Mother, God who bearest,
Virgin thou immortal,
heaven’s blissful portal,

“Ave” thou receivest,
Gabriel’s word believest,
change to peace and gladness
Eva’s name of sadness.

Loose the bonds of terror,
lighten blinded error,
All our ills repressing,
pray for every blessing,

Mother’s care displaying,
offer him thy praying,
who, when born our brother,
chose thee for his Mother.

Virgin all excelling,
gentle past our telling,
pardoned sinners - render
gentle, chaste, and tender.

In pure paths direct us,
on our way protect us,
till, on Jesus gazing,
we shall join thy praising.

Father, Son eternal,
Holy Ghost supernal,
with one praise we bless thee,
Three in One confess thee.

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