Let us Raise our Voice

This hymn is a statement of faith in the Resurrection and the Eucharist.  

The author and composer are unknown, and no published versions have been found.
An SATB-choir setting of this text interspersed with the Pange lingua  is available here.

It appears to be popular for novena devotions, especially in the Philippines, and has also been included in a CD of hymns for the Rosary.



Singer with backing:

Choir with organ:


Let us raise our voice
To proclaim our faith
Christ the Lord for us has died.
Dying, He destroyed our death,
Rising He restored our life.
O Lord Jesus, we await
Your last return in glory.

When we eat the bread
And we drink the cup
In the blessed Eucharist,
We meet You, our risen Saviour
Giving life to us anew
Through life’s journey, be with us,
To strengthen us forever.
Amen, Amen.

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