Sacred Heart of Jesus Hear

This is a hymn of petition to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

It was first published in St Mark's Hymnal. Commissioned by St. Mark's Roman Catholic Parish in Peoria, Illinois and published by J Fishcer and Bro, New York USA (ref) in 1910. This credits the text to "J C D", who is most likely Julia C Dox (b 1871 - ref) one of the compilers of the book.

With meter it was set to the tune HOLY OFFERINGS (Redhead) which was composed by English organist and choir director Richard Redhead in 1870.

Based on the first publication date, the text is now in the public domain in the USA. Status in other countries is unknown.



Instrumental - piano:


1   Sacred Heart of Jesus hear, we thy children now drawn near.
We are weary, we are sad, thou alone can make us glad.
We have sinned, yet we adore thee, humbly kneeling now before thee.
Heart of mercy, hear our sighing, help us living, save us dying.

2   Sacred Heart blest ever be, here we offer up to thee
All our thoughts, our words our deeds, all our suff'rings, all our needs. 
All our lives though poor and lowly, all we bring to thee most holy,
Heart of mercy, hear our crying, help us living, save us dying.

3   Plead for us O Sacred Heart, never let us from thee part.
Thou who suffered for Thine own, Thou dids't for our sins atone.
Thou the pledge of our salvation, Thou for us the great oblation.
Heart of mercy, hear our sighing, help us living, save us dying.

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