Jesus My God (Lord) Behold at Length the Time (Day) / O Pardon me Jesus

Different sources say this hymn of repentance was written by English Anglican vicar, Joseph William Chadwick 1841-1882), or American Unitarian minister John White Chadwick (840-1904), or Rev B Chadwick, or simply Bishop Chadwick.   It has not been possible to work out which, if any, are correct.

Hymn books that it was published in include
  • The Parochial Garden of the Soul,  Thomas Richardson and Sons, London, 1877 (ref)
  • Catholic Church Hymnal, J. Fischer & Bro., New York, 1905
  • The Westminster Hymnal , London1912
  • American Catholic Hymnal,  P. J. Kenedy & Sons, New York,1913
  • The St Gregory Catholic Hymnal, 1920
  • The Holy Ghost Hymnal, Dublin 1954
  • Nigerian Catholic Hymn Book, Nigeria, 1998.

Based on the first located publication date, it is assumed that the words and tune are now both in the public domain.

With meter,  the hymn it is set to a tune which is sometimes described as "traditional melody", although the American Catholic Hymn book attributed it (or perhaps the arrangement) to Fr Brydiane.

Early publications gave the title as Jesus My God Behold at Length the Time,  while later versions and current use usually use the alternative title Jesus My Lord Behold at Length the Day, with the second line of the first verse changed to rhyme with this.   The PowerPoint slides below are based on this.   There are also some variations in the chorus between different publications.


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Choir with electronic organ:

Small choir with organ:

Instrumental - organ voice with backing track:


1 - original version
Jesus my God, behold at length the time
When I resolve to turn away from crime.

1 - adapted version
Jesus my Lord, behold at length the day
When I resolve from sin to turn away.

Chorus - either:
O pardon me Jesus, Thy mercy I implore
I will never more offend Thee, [offend Thee] no never more.
O pardon me Jesus, Thy mercy I implore
I will never more offend Thee, offend Thee no never more.

or (alternative chorus used in one American publication)
O pardon me Jesus, Thy mercy I implore
I will never more offend Thee, no never more.
Parce, Domine, parce populo tuo:
ne in aeternum irascaris nobis.

2  Since my poor soul Thy Precious Blood has cost,
Suffer it not for ever to be lost.

3  Kneeling in tears behold me at Thy feet
Like Magdalene, forgiveness I entreat.

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