Teenager's Chorus

This psychedelic-folk style song about a teenager's view of serving God was written and performed by Australian Roman Catholic (Franciscan Missionary of Mary) religious sister, Irene O'Connor FMM (ref).   It is based on Luke 12:49 "I came to send fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled!"

The hymn was written while O'Connor was living in Singapore in the mid/late 1960s.

It was included in Fire of God's Love - Songs to Ignite the Spirit, an LP which was recorded and sound-engineered by Filipino  Sister Marimil Lobregat at the Catholic Radio and Television Centre in Sydney.   The album was released by Phillips in  Australia in 1973, and then in the USA in 1976 where it was distributed by Alba House Communications.

The catalogue of the National Library of Australia says that a 20-page song book was produced by Ave Maria Publications, c1973, which included the vocals - but it's not clear if this was sheet music or simply the words.

If you have any more information about the song, especially where to find sheet-music for it, please leave a message in the Comments box near the bottom of this page.

Image adapted from Pexels


Original recording by Irene O'Connor


We like to dance, we like to sing,
We like to serve God in everything.
So when we dance, and when we sing,
We will keep in mind that we must honour him.

1  Boys and girls so happy, young and gay
Don't let false worldly joy carry your hearts away.
Joy that's deep and real is truly found
Where love and service to the Lord abounds.

2  Ask the Lord to show you right from wrong
As well as true from false, do not be weak but strong.
Seek a love that's true in every way
Don't follow passing winds that lead astray.

3  Love and friendship is a noble thing,
A wondrous gift of a God, it makes our poor hearts sing.
Help each other serve the Lord in joy
This is the privilege of each girl and boy.

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