O Holy Lord By All Adored

This hymn was written by English Anglican barrister and later vicar, Maurice F. Bell (1862-1947).

With meter, tunes it appears to have always been set to the tune MIT FREUDEN ZART from the Bohemian Brethren's Kirchenges√§nge, 1566.

It was published as The English Hymnal,1906 under the title "O Dearest Lord by all Adored" (ref)

Other hymn-books which it has been published in include:
  • Worship I (not later editions), GIA Publications.
  • The People's Mass Book, World Library Publications, 1964
  • Catholic Book of Worship, Canada, first edition - but not II or later editions
  • The Nigerian Catholic Hymn  Book, 1989
  • Liturgical Hymns Old and New, Kevin Mayhew Limited,  England, 1999.


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Unaccompanied, solo voice mixed:


O Holy Lord, by all adored,
Our trespasses confessing,
To Thee this day Thy children pray,
Our holy Faith professing!
Accept, O King, the gifts we bring,
Our songs of praise, the prayers we raise;
And grant us, Lord, Thy blessing,

To God on high, be thanks and praise.
Who designs our bonds to server;
His care shall guide us all our days,
And harm shall reach us never.
On him we rest with faith assured,
Of all that live He is the Lord,
Forever and forever.

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