O Take me to Thy Sacred Heart

This hymn of petition to Jesus' Sacred Heart was written by an unnamed Sister of Notre Dame de Namur.

Hymn-books which it has been published in include:
  • Notre Dame Hymn Tune Book. 1905, where it is set to a tune by Frank H. Birtchnell
  • St Basil Hymnal, 1918, where it is set to a different, unattributed tune.

Based on these publication dates, it is now assumed to be in the public domain.


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Family choir with organ:

Instrumental - classical guitar:


O take me to Thy Sacred Heart and seal the entrance o'er
That from that home my wayward soul, may never wander more.

Yes, Jesus take me to thyself, I'm weary waiting here.
I long to lean upon Thy breast, to see and feel Thee near.

O Jesus Heart meek, patient, kind, my soul to Thee I turn.
Thou wilt not crush the bruised reed, the sorrowing spirit spurn.

O Jesus open wide Thy heart, and let me rest therein,
For weary is my stricken soul, of sorrows and of sin.

I've sought for rest and found it not, of things of earthly mould,
One heart alone is worth my love, that heart that grows not cold.

O Mary, by that priceless love, which Jesus heart bore Thee
Pray that my home in life and death that loving heart may be.

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