All my Doubts I Give to Jesus

This is a hymn of dedication, expressing faith in Jesus and especially placing doubt in his hands.

It was written by American medical doctor and academic, John C. (Coleman) Morgan (1831-1899).

With meter D, it is set a tune called ALL MY DOUBTS or  FULLY TRUSTING, composed (possibly for the text) by American evangelistic, music teacher, choir director and gospel song writer, George Coles Stebbins (1846–1945).


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1 All my doubts I give to Jesus:
I’ve His gracious promise heard.
I shall never be confounded;
I am trusting in his word.

Trusting, solely(*) trusting,
Trusting in is word:
Trusting, solely trusting,
I’m trusting in his word.

2 All my sin I lay on Jesus:
He doth wash me in His blood;
He will keep me pure and holy;
He will bring me home to God. 

3 All my fears I give to Jesus:
Rest, my weary soul, on Him!
Though my way be hid in darkness,
Never can his light grow dim.

4 All my joys I give to Jesus:
He is all I want of bliss:
He of all the worlds is Master,
He has all I need in this.

5  All in all I have in Jesus:
Poor, yet rich as cherubim;
Ignorant and full of weakness,
Heav’n’s own store I find in him.

5 (alt)   All I am I give to Jesus:
All my body, all my soul:
All I have and all I hope for,
While eternal ages roll.

(*) - original publications say "sweetly trusting", while more recent ones have switched to solely.

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