We Gladly Celebrate and Praise

This is a hymn about motherhood.   It is suitable for Mother's Day, and has been be set to several very well-known hymn tunes - it is likely that most congregations will already know a tune which the song can be sung to.

The words were written by English Congregational and later United-Reformed minister and hymn-writer, Alan Gaunt (b 1935) and first published in 1998 by Stainer & Bell, Ltd, England.

With meter, tunes it has been set to include:
  • STRACATHRO by Scottish composer Charles Hutcheson (1792-1860)
  • CRIMMOND from the Scottish Psalter
  • ST ANNE (Croft) by English organist William Croft (1708)


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Singer with organ, tune ST ANNE

Duet with piano - tune TBA

Instrumental - piano with organ-lead voice - words on-screen, tune CRIMMOND:


The lyrics are copyright so cannot be reproduced here. But they are currently available on page 5 of this website. A rough outline is:
1 We gladly celebrate and praise the gift so great and good ...

2 We sing of Mary's mother-love ...

3 We pray that God's own mother-love ...

4 For mothers, who with broken hearts ...

5 We trust the mother-love of God ...

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1 We gladly celebrate and praise,
The gift so great and good,
Through which God's kindness is made known:
The gift of motherhood.

2 We sing of Mary's mother-love:
For she, of all on earth,
Received the privilege to bear
And bring God's Son to birth.

3 We pray that God's own mother-love
Will hold in gentleness,
All children who have never known
A mother's tenderness.

4 For mothers, who with broken hearts,
Are faced with grief and loss,
We pray the Son of God will give
Deep comfort from his cross.

5 We trust the mother-love of God,
Who bears, in Mary's boy,
Our pain and sorrow, to secure
Our everlasting joy.

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