Glory to Thee Thou Son of God Most High

This is a hymn of praise addressed to Jesus, the son of God and saviour.

It was written by Manx (Isle of Man) Methodist-raised evangelical pastor and teacher, Edward C. Quine (1857-1942) - source "Believers Hymnbook Companion", Paisley, Harold S. (1989).

With meter 10 4 10 4 10 10, it is set to the tune SANDON by Charles Henry Purdey.


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Singer with piano, words on-screen:

Singer with backing track:

Large group, unaccompanied:

Instrumental - piano, professional recording:


Glory to Thee;
Thou Son of God most High.
All praise to Thee!
Glory to Thee,
enthroned above the sky,
Who died for me;
High on Thy throne,
Thine ear, Lord Jesus, bend
As grateful hearts
now to Thyself ascend.

Deep were Thy sorrows, Lord,
when heaven frowned—
Bloodlike Thy sweat, Lord,
Falling to the ground
So heavily;
Dark was the night,
but heaven was darker still,
O Christ my God!—
Is this the Father’s will?

Thorns wreathed Thy brow
when hanging on the tree,
Man’s cruelty!
Why lavish love like this,
O Lord, on me?
Thou lovest me!
Would that my soul could
understand its length,
Its breadth, depth, height,
and everlasting strength!

Thy precious blood was
freely shed for me
On Calvary
To save me from a lost eternity;
Glory to Thee!
Nor death, nor hell,
nor things below—above
Can sever me from Thy eternal love.

Like shoreless seas,
Thy love can know no bound;
Thou lovest me!
Deep, vast, immense,
unfathomed, Lord—profound,
Lord, I love Thee!
And when above,
my crown is at Thy feet,
I’ll praise Thee still for
Calvary’s mercy seat.

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