A Íosa Mhic Mhuire (To Jesus Son Of Mary)

This is an Irish-language hymn to Jesus.  

The author and composer are unknown:  many sources quote it as a "traditional hymn", with several  contemporary composers having recently published settings.  But no earlier publications or on-line source for the lyrics or even a translation, have been found.  The lyrics quoted below are from one church-newsletter, and it's not clear if they are the same as the recently-published setting.

If you have any information about it, especially who wrote the song,  as well as a good-quality translation, please leave a message in the Comments box near the bottom of the page.


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Singer with fiddle and harp:

Instrumental - piano:

Instrumental - harp:


A Íosa, ’Mhic Mhuire,
féach ar mo chás,
is beir mé leat féineach
go Cathair na nGrást’.

Díbir gach dríodar
is cathú as mo lár;
díbir gach smaoineamh
is obair gan aird,

Is dírigh mé ina dhiaidh sin
go Flaitheas na nGrást’.
A Íosa, ó saor mé
le toradh do Pháis’.

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