Dear Lord for All in Pain

This is a hymn of petition for people who are suffering pain or experiencing difficulty.

It was written in 1931 by Irish Evangelical-raised missionary to India, Amy Wilson-Carmichael (1867– 1951).  Copyright ownership was assigned to The Dohnavur Fellowship, an organization which Carmichael founded to rescue children from abusive situations, however in most countries this will have ended 70 years after her death.

With meter 6 4 6 4, tunes it is set to include:
  • GOTTLIEB by Frederick Charles Maker
  • RAPHAEL (Smith) by Kenneth D. Smith (b 1928).


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Singer with organ:

Instrumental - piano, tune GOTTLIEB:


Dear Lord for all in pain
our prayer shall be,
O come and smite again
your enemy.

Give to your servants skill
to soothe and bless,
and to the tired and ill
give quietness.

And, Lord, to those who know
pain may not cease,
come near, that even so
they may have peace.

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