Let Hymns Resound in Joyful Story

This is a hymn about St Gerard Majella, originally published under the title "Hymn in Honour of Blessed Gerard Majella CSSR".

The author is unknown.

Hymn books where it was published include:
  • The Holy Face Hymnal, produced by the Sisters of Mercy, Providence, Rhode Island, USA in 1891 (ref):  This sets it to an unidentified tune (see below) arranged by B Hamma.
  • The Manual of the Purgatorian Society, published by the Redemptorist Order in 1907 (ref).  This has no information about the author, or the tune that the song was sung to.
  • Berge's Book of Gems, McLaughlin & Reilly Co., Boston , 1924
  • Manual of Select Catholic Hymns and Devotions for the Use of Schools, Colleges, Academies and Congregations, J. Fischer & Bro., New York , 1925
  • The Ordinary of the Mass and a Complete Manual of Hymns for Parochial Schools, Public Press, Philadelphia, Penn., 1935

Some later publications present it as a hymn to St Joseph - and the focus in the 5th verse fits with this.

The 1891 publication date means that the text is now in public domain in the USA, and most likely in other countries also, even though the author is unknown


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Let hymns resound, in joyful story,
Extolling Gerard's saintly life ;
And honour him, whom heavenly glory
Now crowns for his victorious strife.

Dear Saint Gerard, e'er protect us
While in this vale of tears we roam;
In doubts and trials here direct us,
And lead us to our heavenly home.

Thou didst despise the fleeting pleasure
That often ends in endless woe:
But now enjoy'st the priceless treasure
Which thou e'er soughtest here below.

When Satan tries, our will assailing,
To turn us from the path of right,
Let not thy gracious aid be failing,
Oh, make us victors in the fight.

In sorrow, cross, and tribulation,
When suff'rings fill the soul with grief,
Make faith then be our consolation
The prize is great, the struggle brief.

And when our course of life is ending,
Amid the fearful pangs of death;
We pray thee, then, assistance lending,
Be with us to our final breath.

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