Mary and Joseph Came to the Temple

This is a folk-style hymn about the Presentation of Jesus in the temple, based on  Luke 2:22–39.

It was written by English teacher, Methodist minister, hymn scholar and writer, Andrew Pratt (b 1948), and first published in 1997 by  Stainer & Bell, Ltd, England.

With meter D, tunes it is set to include:
  • BENSUNAS by Valerie Anne Ruddle (b 1932) - this was the original setting for the song 
  • BUNESSAN, a traditional Scotts-Gaelic tune, composer unknown, also used with  Morning has Broken / Christ be Beside Me

Image adapt from stained glass, Presentation of the Lord detail - Mary & Joseph. 
Saint Bernard Catholic Church (Corning, Ohio)


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Duet with electronic organ, tune


The lyrics are copyright so cannot be reproduced here. But they are currently available on this website. A rough outline is:
1 Mary and Joseph came to the temple ...

2 Anna had prayed there, widowed, long waiting ...

3 Simeon sings now: God profers blessing ...

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KEEP IN CASE ORIGINAL IS REMOVED, BUT DO NOT DISPLAY 1 Mary and Joseph came to the temple
brought the boy Jesus, offered him there.
People were waiting wanting to greet him;
long had they sought him, solace for care.

2 Anna had prayed there, widowed, long waiting,
worshiping God by day and by night.
Now she is praising, filled with elation:
here is God's promise, Christ is her light.

3 Simeon sings now: God proffers blessing,
brilliantly gilding dawn of his day.
Light in the darkness, never extinguished,
Light of all nations, light up our way.

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