The Thirteenth of May - European lyrics

This hymn is an English-language translation of António Botto's "Avé de Fátima" AKA "A treze de Maio". The translator is unknown.

It is set to the tune FATIMA's COVE.

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The thirteenth of May
In the Cove d'Iria,
Appeared oh so brilliant
The Virgin Maria.

Ave, Ave, Ave Maria,
Ave, Ave, Ave Maria!

The Virgin Maria
Encircled by light;
Our own dearest Mother
And heaven's delight.

To three shepherd children
Our Lady appeared
The light of her grace
To her Son, souls endeared.

With war and its evils
The whole world was seething,
And countless of thousands
Were mourning and weeping.

By honouring Mary
And loving her Son
The peace of the world
Will most surely be won.

ABC Notation:

T:Thirteenth of May / Treze de Maio
Z:abc-transcription ,
D | "G" G G B | "G" d d B | "G" d d B | "D" A A B |
"C" c c A | "G" B B G | "D" A A D | "G" G G D |
"G" B2 A | "G" G2 G | "Am" A "G" B "D" c | "D/A" A2 D |
"C" d2 c | "G" B2 G | "Am" A D B | "G" G2 z |]

Ref:  What is ABC

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