Mary's Lullaby

The author and composer of this Christmas hymn are unknown, although it may have come from Ireland.  If you have any more information about it, please leave a message in the Comments box at the bottom of the page.



As the mother holds her newborn babe,
She whispers gently to her child
Of the wonder and beauty she beholds
In the eyes of her child.
And she wonders what it means,
The gift of God within her arms,
That she holds so tenderly
As she sings her lullaby.

Hush little baby, precious child of mine,
Cradled safe within my arms.
The gift of love that you are to me
Is more than I could ever know.

As she holds her child unto her breast,
She ponders deep within her heart
All the mystery of love within this child.
All the mystery of God.
And she knows somehow within,
This child will be a gift to all.
Bringing love into this world,
A love only God could give.

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