Ready the Way of the Lord

This Advent hymn was written by American Roman Catholic composer and teacher, Robert (Bob) Hurd (b 1950).

It is based on selected verses from Isaiah 35 and 40.

The tune has a 3/4 time ligature, and is in a major key (unusually for an Advent hymn). The first few notes in the key of C are E E E E D C C C.

Sheet music is available from OCP



Original soundtrack:

Solo singer with guitar backing:

Solo singer with piano:

Choir with piano:


The lyrics are copyright so cannot be reproduced here. But they are currently available on this website.

The song has five four-line verses, and a chorus which is usually sung after each 2nd verse (ie after verse 2 and 4). A rough outline is:
1. "Ready the way of the Lord, ..."

2. Let every valley be filled ...

Here is your God,
coming with your vindication.
Look and behold the saving power of God.

3. Desert and waste land will bloom ...

4. Those who are blind will then see ...

5. Strengthen the ones who are weak ...

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