Peace be With You (AKA My Peace I Leave You)

The author and composer of this hymn about the peace which Jesus brings are unknown.  It is clearly based based on John 4:17.

It was used in New Zealand during the 1970s, but no published versions have been found.

The simple tune suggests that it was intended for children.   However the lyrics are more complex and use adult vocabulary, and the scan is a little more difficult.

If you have any information about it, please leave a message in the Comments box near the end of the page.



My peace I leave you,

My peace I give you.
Do not let your hearts be afraid.
For I’m returning, to the Father,
To prepare a place for you.

When I’m gone I will send my spirit,
Who will guide and strengthen you.
And your joy will be found in giving,
With the peace and love this brings.

Come to me all you who labour,
And are burdened down with care.
For I will give you comfort,
And rest for your weary hearts.

For the peace that I will give you,
Is not the peace the world expects.
In the world you will find sorrow,
But have faith, I have conquered all.

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  1. We still sing this lovely hymn in NZ today. A friend was searching for it for a funeral Mass tomorrow.

  2. Is there a choral version of this


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