Sweet Sacrament Divine

This is a Eucharistic hymn.

It was written by Francis Stanfield (1835-1914), an English Roman Catholic priest who served for 19 years in Hertford, in the Diocese of Westminister (ref). 

With meter 66 66 886, it is almost-always set to a tune that Stanfield composed for the text,called  DIVINE MYSTERIES.


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Choir with gentle organ backing, words on-screen:

Singer with electronic organ:

Massed choir with small orchestra - recorded for a TV show:

Duet with electronic organ:

Choir with orchestra, professional recording:


Sweet Sacrament divine,
Hid in thine earthly home;
Lo! round thy lowly shrine,
With suppliant hearts we come;
Jesus, to thee our voice we raise
In songs of love and heartfelt praise
Sweet Sacrament divine,
Sweet Sacrament divine.

Sweet Sacrament of peace,
Dear home of every heart,
Where restless yearnings cease,
And sorrows all depart.
There in thine ear, all trustfully,
We tell our tale of misery,
Sweet Sacrament of peace,
Sweet Sacrament of peace.

Sweet Sacrament of rest,
Ark from the ocean's roar,
Within thy shelter blest
Soon may we reach the shore;
Save us, for still the tempest raves,
Save, lest we sink beneath the waves:
Sweet Sacrament of rest,
Sweet Sacrament of rest.

Sweet Sacrament divine,
Earth's light and jubilee,
In thy far depths doth shine
The Godhead's majesty;
Sweet light, so shine on us, we pray
That earthly joys may fade away:
Sweet Sacrament divine,
Sweet Sacrament divine.

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