Heart of Jesus Burning with Love for Me

This short hymn is based on one of the traditional invocations of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The original author and composer are unknown.

It was included as one of a set of short invocations in the Holy Ghost Hymnal (1950)

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Duet with guitar / organ, recorded live in a church-service:


Heart of Jesus, heart of Jesus,
Burning with love for me;
Inflame my heart, inflame my heart,
With love, with love for Thee.

ABC Notation

About ABC notation

T:Heart of Jesus
C:Unknown, pre 1950
Z:abc-transcription www.GodSongs.net
F/2>F/2 | "F" A2 F A/2>B/2 | c2 A2 | "Bb" c B/2>A/2 B A | A-"Gm"G2 G |
w:Heart of Je-sus, heart of Je-sus, burn-ing with love_ for me; In-
"F" A3/2 A/2 G F | "Bb" F3/2 F/2 E D | "C" C D/2B/2 A G | "F" F3 z |]
w:flame my heart, in-flame my heart, with love, with_ love for Thee.

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  1. You can find this song at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cp0yFtStDBA
    time 1:39:20

  2. Heart of Jesus - Music here https://archive.org/details/holyghosthymnal00cong/page/212/mode/2up

  3. Great efforts. I bow my heart to you through Jesus for your effort to change sinner like me towards holiness to know Jesus so intensely y, love Him intimately, and follow Him eternally Amen