He (All) Who Would Valiant Be / To Be a Pilgrim

This hymn by Percy Dearmer is modelled on John Bunryan's "To be a Pilgrim".  It is generally sung to the English tune MONKS GATE, which was collected by Ralph Vaughan Williams.




All who would valiant be,
‘Gainst all disaster,
Let them in constancy
Follow their Master,
There’s no discouragement
Shall make them once relent,
The first avowed in tent
To be a pilgrim.

Those who beset them round
With dismal stories,
Do but themselves confound –
Their strength the more is.
No foe shall stay their might
Though they with giants fight:
They will make good the right
To be a pilgrim.

Since, Lord. Thou dost defend
Us with thy Spirit,
We know we at the end
Shall life inherit.
Then fancies flee away,
We’ll fear not what they say,
We’ll labour night and day
To be a pilgrim.

ABC Notation:

T:To Be a Pilgrim
A:Percy Dearmer (1867-1936), after Joyn Bunyan (1628-1688)
C:Traditional English - MONKS GATE
Z:abc-transcription www.GodSongs.net
"D"D>E | F D"Bm"F/2G/2 A |"G"B2"D"A2| A D "A"C "D"D-| D2 D>E|
w:All_ who would val_iant be ‘Gainst all dis-ast-er,_ let_
F D "Bm"F/2G/2 A |"G"B2 "D"A2 |A>D "A"C "D"D -|D2 A2|
w:them in con_stan-cy Foll-ow their Mas-ter._ There's
"Bm"d B "A"c d/2c/2 |"Bm"B3 A |"D"F/2E/2 D F G | "A"A3 d |
w:no dis-cour-age_ment shall make_ them once re-lent, the
"D"A>A "G"B/2A/2 G/2F/2 | "Em"E B "D"A D |"A"C "D"D |]
w:first a-vowed_ in_tent, to be a pil-grim.

Ref:  What is ABC

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