Gift of Peace - His Peace He Gives to Us

This hymn is by Germaine Habjan: it was published in Alleluia! Amen, but the copyright status and any other publications are unknown.

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His peace he gives to us
His peace he leaves with us
Not for us alone,
But that we might give it again,
To all.

The man who looks for God in the depth of his heart.
Will find a hidden quiet.
That nothing can disturb or take away.

The man who sees his life as an open door
Through which all men might come to receive and give again
Will know true peace.

The man whose joy it is to discover the world.
And meet the eyes of God in the beauty that is his.
Will sing of peace.

The man who knows that God has prepared him a home.
For all eternity.
To rejoice and to be free.
Will have true peace.

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1 comment:

  1. This 'peace' is the ' heavenly peace' that is referred to in the hymn Silent Night. God is inner rest, tranquillity and poise. Within Eastern traditions, the peace that meditation brings, the sense of oneness within and without. Peace, sleep, meditation or poise-- it is all heavenly. In The Rime if the Ancient Mariner, Coleridge writes, ' he sleepeth best who loveth best'..


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