Sweet Heart of Jesus Fount of Love and Mercy

This is a popular hymn to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The author and composer are unknown:   The 1913 "American Catholic Hymnal" attributed the text to "P. J. K. & S.", while Kevin Mayhew's 2008 "Hymns Old and New" credits Sister Marie Josephine.

With meter 11 10 11 10 with refrain, tunes it has been set to include
  • An unnamed tune attributed to  "E.B, harm. B.F.R" (American Catholic Hymnal)
  • FONS AMORIS - a traditional melody, used in all recorded versions found to date.

The range of artists who have recorded they hymn suggests that it is particularly popular in Ireland.


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Solo singer 

Solo singer with piano backing, professional recording:

Church choir with organ accompaniment:


Sweet Heart of Jesus! Fount of love and mercy,
Today we come thy blessings to implore;
Oh touch our hearts so cold and so ungrateful,
And make them Lord, thine own for evermore.

Sweet Heart of Jesus! We implore, 
Oh, make us love thee, more and more.

Sweet Heart of Jesus! Make us know and love thee.
Unfold to us the treasures of thy grace.
That so our hearts, from things of earth uplifted,
May long alone to gaze upon thy face.

Sweet Heart of Jesus! Make us pure and gentle
And teach us how to do thy blessed will;
To follow close the print of thy dear footsteps,
And when we fall, sweet heart oh, love us still.

Sweet Heart of Jesus! Bless all hearts that love thee,
And make thine own heart ever blessed be.
Bless us dear Lord, and bless the friends we cherish,
And keep us true to Mary and to thee.

ABC Notation

Ref:  What is ABC notation

T:Sweet Heart of Jesus, Fount of Love and Mercy




A:Sister Marie Josephine


O:Possibly Irish

Z:abc-transcription www.GodSongs.net ,

A AG |"D" F2 F2 FF EF | "Em7" A G3-"A"GA, CE | A3 A ^GA "A7"=GE | "D"F4-FA AG|
      "D" F3 F  FF EF | "Em7" A G3-"A"GA, CE | A3 A ^GA "A7"=GE | "D"D8 "D7"yy||
"G" B4 "A7"c3  d | "D"d4 A4 | "Em"(G4-"A"A3) G | "D" F8 |
"G" B4 "A7"c3  d | "D"d4 A4 | "A7"A4    (GE3)  | "D" D4 |]

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