The Bells of the Angelus (Bernadette's Song)

This is a simple Marian hymn about the traditional prayer, "The Angelus".  The author and composer are unknown.

Very similar to Immaculate Mary, this song is focussed on the story of Bernadette Soubirous, who later became Saint Bernadette, at Lourdes.  It is sometimes called "Bernadette's Song" - after the 1943 film of the same name.

It is also available in Irish.



A boys choir, with organ backing

Small group with guitars:

Choir with organ - live recording at a cathedral service:


The bells of the Angelus
Call us to pray
With sweet tones announcing
the sacred Ave.

Ave, Ave, Ave Maria,
Ave, Ave , Ave Maria.

An angel of mercy,
led Bernadette's feet,
Where flows the deep torrent,
Our Lady to greet.

She prayed to our mother
That God’s will be done
She prayed for his glory
that his kingdom come.

Immaculate Mary,
your praises we sing,
Who reign now with Christ,
our redeemer and king.

Immaculate Mary,
Our hearts are all thine.
Protect us, your children,
Who kneel at thy shrine.

In heaven the blessed,
Your glory proclaim
On earth, now, your children
Invoke your fair name.

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