Joseph be our Guide and Pattern

This hymn to Joseph is attributed to Muriel Newton-White. It was published in the first Catholic Book of Worship (Canada) in 1972.

It has been translated to Latvian and set to the tune ORIEL by Caspar Ett (1788-1847) and the score at is available at

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1. Joseph, be our guide and pattern,
Faithful to your sacred trust,
Strong protector of the Virgin
And the infant, Jesus Christ,
Joseph, firm and faithful, guide us,
Joseph, walk the way with us.

2. Faithful to the guiding vision,
List'ning to the angel's word;
Shielding Mary from all slander,
Guarding Christ, both Son and Lord,
Joseph, true and trusting, guide us,
Joseph, walk the way with us.

3. Leading them through many dangers
To the home in Nazareth,
Humbly for their needs providing
In your wise and steadfast faith,
Joseph, brave, obedient, guid us,
Joseph, walk the way with us.

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