My God Loves Me

This is a simple hymn about God's love.  It is often used with children - but is appropriate with all age groups.

The hymn is set to part of the tune of the French song, "Plaisir d'amour", ("The Joy of love") which was written by Jean-Paul-Égide Martini (1741-1816), and is also used for the English song "I Can't Help Falling in Love With You".

There are a number of different sets of lyrics in use, and determining who wrote each one is difficult.   Most people treat the song as though it is now public-domain.


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Choir with keyboard, on-screen lyrics:

Small group, close harmonies, unaccompanied:

Choir with keyboard:

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1.My God loves me.
His love will never end.
He rests with - in my heart
For my God loves me.

2. His gentle hand
He stretches over me.
Though storm-clouds threaten the day
He will set me free.

3. He comes to me
In sharing bread and wine,
He brings me life that will reach
Past the end of time.

4. My God loves me,
His faithful love endures.
And I will live like a child
Held in love secure.

5. The joys of love
As offerings now we bring,
The pains of love will be lost
In the praise we sing.

An alternative verse, which is sometimes used by itself is:

My God loves me
And all the wonders I see
The rainbow shines through my window
My God loves me.

An alternative set of lyrics sometimes used:

My God loves me.
And all the wonders I see,
Are all small signs of the love,
My God has for me.

He calls my name
To him no one else is the same,
To him I'm not lost in the crowd,
To Him I'm me.

My God loves me
Because of this I can see
In spit of all my fault,
He still loves me.

My God loves me,
O what a mystery
That God should share his love,
With a sinner like me.

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  1. I am aware of another verse. From memory it goes:

    My God died for me
    On the cross of calvary,
    He died for your sins and my sins
    My God loves me

  2. The version I grew up singing in Australia (Presbyterian)

    My Lord loves me (F C F)
    And all the wonders I see (Bb F C)
    A rainbow shines through my window (Bb C Dm Bb)
    My Lord loves me. (F C F)

    He died for me
    On the cross at Calvary
    He bore all my sins and my shame
    When He died for me.

    I love my Lord
    Because He first loves me
    I’ll sing His praises through time
    And eternity.

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