Australia's Salute (Tribute) to St Patrick

This is an Australian hymn about St Patrick.

It is attributed to George D Walton, and was published in the Hymnal of St. Pius X, P. Jones (ed.) (Melb.: Allans, 1952).

It is set to the un-named traditional Irish tune also used for the hymn  Dóchas linn Naomh Pádraig - although it is not strictly speaking a translation of this hymn.



Instrumental - whistle, harp and flute:


Patrick, from your kindling
Lit on Slane' green hill,
Faith's pure fire undwindling
Burns all deathless still.
Drear days could not hinder
Warm expanse of it's flame;
Travail gave new tinder,
New flint, penal shame.

Patrick, from this firing
Faith's brave banners unfurled,
Borne by priests desiring,
For Christ's sake, the world.
Hearts throbbed to thy warming,
Hope glowed where thy trod,
Exiles loss transforming,
To great gain for God.

Patrick, from this glowing,
Faith's flame mounts and towers,
Knowledge full bestowing,
Eire's feast is ours!
Hear us then rejoicing,
Rising young and strong;
Gratefully glad-voicing
Prayerful praise in song.

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