Irish language hymns

A small selection of Irish-language hymns are available here.

Each hymn has a page, and wherever possible each page includes:
  • PowerPoint slides, 
  • sheet music (ideally in lead-sheet, melody-line + guitar chords format), 
  • on-line examples that provide a clear guide to pronunciation.

Many of these hymns are based on traditional texts: the original author is unknown, and there are several versions in common use.  This, combined with regional variations in Irish language, means that some people will not recognize or agree with some verses or phrases. Where possible, the versions here are based on published versions, or the most-commonly-used variations.

Translations, where provided, are rough indications of the meaning rather than literal translations or metrical (ie singable) versions.

Irish-language hymns and religious songs

This is a list of all the items which are available.   Most-recently-added items are shown first.

Suggestions about other hymns to add are welcome - please leave a comment on the form below.

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