In Love for me (This is My Body)

This is a folk-style hymn about the Eucharistic.

It was originally a two-verse praise and worship song written by Jimmy Owens for "The Witness" - a musical account of the life of our Lord Jesus through the eyes of Peter.

Three additional verses were written by Damien Lundy, transforming it into a mainstream hymn which is widely used in parishes and schools.   It is published in many current hymnals from Kevin Mayhew Ltd, who hold the copyright to the Lundy verses.


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Small group with piano, recorded live in a church-service:

Singer, self accompanied on guitar. Recorded live in a church:

Small group with band, professional recording:

Recording from a performance of The Witness:

Official recording from The Witness:


This hymn is subject to copyright, so the full lyrics cannot be given here but they are available on this website. The following shows is a rough outline of the verses.
This is my body ...

This is my blood ...

Back to my Father ...

Filled with my Spirit, ...

Love one another, ...

See more ...

This is my body, broken for you,
Bringing you wholeness, making you free.
Take it and eat it.
And as you do, do it in love for Me.

This is my blood poured out for you,
Bringing forgiveness, making you free.
Take it and drink it,
And as you do, do it in love for Me.

Back to my Father soon I shall go
Do not forget me, then you will see
I am still with you, and you will know
you’re very close to me.

Filled with my Spirit, how you will grow
You are my branches, I am the tree
If you are faithful, others will know
you are alive in me.

Love one another, I have loved you
and I have shown you how to be free
serve one another, and when you do
do it in love for me.

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