Hosanna People of all Lands

This is a hymn of praise, which is a setting of Psalm 100.

The words are from a translation of The Psalms of David by Christopher Smart (1722-71).

With meter 886.886, it has been set the hymn tune VAN QUINN by American composer Howard Helvey (b 1968), which was published in 2012.


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Small choir with organ:


Hosanna! People of all lands unite your voices,
Lift your hands, and to the Lord repair,
And thankful fall upon your face,
And hail with songs the throne of grace,
And show your gladness there.

Yourselves in this belief confirm, that man,
His talent and his term, are God's and not his own;
We are the flock he folds and feeds with milk and honey in his meads,
The Lord is God alone.

For race by race he is renowned for mercies
Which to peace abound, in truth revealed and taught;
And gracious is the Lord of love, above all estimate,
Above the flight of time and thought.

O go, but send your song before, into His courts,
His temple door, His name in anthems raise -
Give thanks the soul's immortal food, and speak Him great,
And speak Him good, your hearts with rapture blaze.

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