Ye Souls of the Faithful (who sleep in the Lord)

This is a hymn for All Souls Day. It was translated by Edward Caswall (1814-1878) from a work by W. Nakatenus "O Vos Fideles Animae".

Hymnals it is published in include
  • Hymns and Songs for Catholic Children, 1870
  • The St Gregory Hymnal, 1920
  • A Treasury of Catholic Song, 1915.


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Instrumental - auto-generated piano - ITALIAN HYMN, arranged by Nicholas Montani:


Ye souls of the faithful! who sleep in the Lord;
But as yet are shut out, from your final reward!
Oh! would I could lend you, assistance to fly;
From your prison below, to your palace on high.

O Father of mercies! Thine anger withhold;
These works of Thy hand in Thy mercy behold;
Too oft from Thy path, they have wandered aside:
But Thee, their Creator, they never denied.

O tender Redeemer! Their misery see;
Deliver the souls that were ransomed by Thee;
Behold how they love Thee, despite of their pain:
Restore them, restore them to favour again.

O Spirit of grace! O Consoler divine!
See how for Thy presence they longingly pine;
Ah, then, to enliven their sadness, descend;
And fill them with peace, and with joy in the end.

O Mother of mercy! Dear soother in grief!
Lend thou to their torments a balmy relief;
Temper the rigour of justice severe;
And soften their flames with a pitying tear.

All ye who would honour the Saints and their Head,
Remember, remember, to pray for the dead;
And they, in return, from their misery freed,
To you will be friends in the hour of need.

Ye patrons who watched o'er their safety below,
Oh ! think how they need your fidelity now ;
And stir all the angels and saints of the sky
To plead for the souls that upon you rely.

Ye friends who, once sharing their pleasures and pain,
Now perhaps ready, in Paradise reign,
Oh ! comfort their hearts with a whisper of love,
And call them to share in your pleasures above.

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  1. Hello, the words are beautiful! Would like to use it for a prayer service in November. Please could you send a recording of the music? Thank you