A Message from the Sacred Heart

This hymn about the Sacred Heart of Jesus was written by Irish Jesuit priest and poet Fr Matthew Russell (1834-1912). It was first published in St. Patrick's Hymn Book, Dublin, 1890.

Hymn-books which it has been published in include:
  • The St. Gregory Hymnal and Catholic Choir Book (1920) - set to an un-named tune by the editor
  • The De La Salle Hymnal: for Catholic schools and choirs (1913) - set to a tune by Haydn, also unnamed
  • The American Catholic Hymnal, 1913 - set to a "Traditional melody"



A message from the Sacred Heart;
What may its message be?
"My child, my child, give Me your heart
My Heart has bled for thee."
This is the message Jesus sends
To my poor heart today,
And eager from His Throne He bends
To hear what I shall say.

A message to the Sacred Heart;
Oh, bear it back with speed;
"Come, Jesus, reign within my heart
Thy Heart is all I need."
Thus, Lord, I'll pray until I share
That home whose joy Thou art;
No message, dearest Jesus, there,
For heart will speak to heart.

ABC Notation

T:A Message from the Sacred Heart
C:Matthew Russell (1834-1912)
(DG) | "G" B3 A G2 F2 | "C" F2 E2 E2 (cA) | "G" G2 (FG ) A2 (GA) | "D" A6 z B |
w:A_ mess-age from the Sac-red Heart; What_ may this_ mess-age_ be? "My
"D"A2 d2 d2 (^cB) | "G" B3 A A2 (BG) | "D" F3 F "A"(AG) (FE) | "D" D6 (DF) |
w:child, my child, give_ Me your heart, My_ Heart has bled_ for_ thee." This_
"A" A3 A "G" B3 B | "D" d2 "Am"=c2 "A" A2 "^,"yA2 | "G" B2 B2 "C" c2 (BA) | "G" (G4 "Dm" F2) "D" D2 |
w:is the mess-age Je-sus sends to my poor heart to_day,_ and
"G" B3 A G2 F2 | "D" F2 "C" E2 "D" D2 (cA) | "G" G2 (FG "D" ) A2 F2 | "G" G6 |]
w:from His throne in hea'n He bends to_ hear what_ I shall say.

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