Peter Remembers

This hymn about discipleship is attributed to Fr Peter O'Reilly, but no further information about him has been located.



Jesus saw something in me,
That I didn’t see inside myself.
The day we met in Galilee,
I thought he spoke to somebody else

When he said:
“Peter! I want you to be my apostle. Leave your boats and nets
and then come follow me.”
Yes, he said:
“Peter! I need you to be my apostle. Forget about fish!
Gather people with me.”

Jesus called Andrew and me,
And he called us by our name.
We always would be fishing folk,
But the way we’d fish
would not be the same.

Jesus gave something to me.
I was glad inside myself.
That Easter morning by the sea,
It was good to hear him call me again.

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