Leo Watt

Leo Watt was a Franciscan monk, Fr Leo Watt OFM.

He was a musician and Father Leo of "Father Leo and the Founders" who released an EP titled "Altar of God", in 1968.   This was pressed by the Friar Music Productions label based in Queensland, Australia, and licensed/distributed by RCA.   It was accompanied by a book of music book, published in 1969 by J Albert and Sons Ltd.

All 12 songs on the album "Things we Dream" were composed by him, and he recorded them in 1971 with The Clefs, an 60s / early 70s Brisbane band.  This album was the first and only release on the PEACE (Brisbane) label. The songs have a country & western basis, but with an Australian flavour and a religious influence.

He worked:

He was also the author of
  • A book "Man of Peace:St. Francis of Assisi", published in 1972 by A.C.T.S. Publications.
  • A pamphlet "A New Look at Purgatory", published by Canisius Press - available here

Although his works don't appear in any hymnals, at least one of his hymns, "Go Now You are Sent Forth" is still widely used in Australia and to some extent, New Zealand.    And some others are occasionally requested on this website.

Since then he has written an recorded more songs - see his website for details.

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