Go Now You are Sent Forth

This hymn of sending forth was written by Australian at-the-time Franciscian friar Leo Watt.

It was released in a collection titled "The altar of God: hymns with guitar and organ accompaniment" which was published by J. Albert &​ Son of Sydney, Australia in 1969.  It is no longer in print, but the collection is available to view in various branches of the National Library of Australia.

It is best performed at a fairly high tempo - as shown in short clip starting at the first video below.


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Choir, as part of a medley performance:

Singer with electronic organ and special effects:

Singer, self-accompanied on guitar:


Go now you are sent forth,
To live what you proclaim;
To show the world you follow Christ
In fact, not just in name.

Go now, you are sent forth
To walk the troubled earth.
To share your faith with all you meet
And prove your real worth.

Go now, you are sent forth
As God's ambassador;
By serving Christ in those we meet
We love him more and more.

Go now, you are sent forth
And Christ goes with you, too.
Today you help his kingdom come
In everything you do.

ABC Notation

T:Go Now You are Sent Forth
C: Leo Watt
O: Australia
Z:abc-transcription www.GodSongs.net
"G" G G "D7" A B/2c/2 | "G" B3 z/2 B | "C" cc B "G" A/2G/2 | "D7" A3 z/2 B/2 |
"G" d3/2 "Em" c/2 B A/2B/2 | "Am" c B "D7" A B | "C" G3/2 G/2 "D7" G/2F/2 E/2F/2 | "G" G3 z ]

Ref:  What is ABC

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