Romans VIII - For to Those Who Love God

This hymn, based on Romans 8:28-38, was written by American-Italian composer, writer, performer and at-that-time Roman Catholic priest Enrico Garzilli, as a choral work for SATB choir and congregation.

First published in 1970, it has been included in several collections from Kevin Mayhew Ltd (Songs of the Spirit - Songs and Hymns of the Renewal, and Hymns Old and New - A Hymnbook for the Irish Church) in the 1970s.

However it is not in the most-recent edition of Hymns Old and New.   And although Garzilli lists it in the choral works section of his website there is no information about where it can be purchased.  At the time of writing it is not available on Amazon, iTunes, SheetMusicPlus or from Kevin Mayhew Ltd - although various editions of the 1970s books listed are sometimes available on Amazon (UK - US / rest of the world)

If you are looking for a copy of either the full choral work or the simpler unison setting, the easiest approach may be to contact Garzilli directly through his website.

The tune in the congregational setting has a 4:4 time signature and the melody-line publications have it in the key of C major.   The first few notes in this key are EF G FE C.


Instrumental - organ

Cantor with organ:


The lyrics are copyright, so cannot be reproduced in full.    However they are available from this website.   The following is a sketch of the lyrical structure - the chorus is repeated after every verse.

Chorus: For to those who love God ...

1 Who is able to condemn ...

2 In the face of all this ...

3 What can separate us .... Neithr trouble ...

4 What can separate us .... Nor the past ...

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