Open Your Ears O Christian (Faithful) People - The Torah Song - Song of Good News

This hymn is about the coming of the Good News.   It was written by American Roman Catholic priest, teacher, playwright and author Willard F Jabusch (1930-2018) in the late 1960s.

The text has meter with refrain.  It is set to, and likely written for, a traditional Hasidic (Jewish) tune YISRAEL V'ORAITA, which is the melody for the Hebrew song Torah Orah.

Some of the earliest publications include Sing and Rejoice! New Hymns for Congregations, a Mennonite hymnal published by Herald Press, Scottdale, Pa./ Kitchener, Ont. in 1979 (where it was titled "Song of Good News") and the 20th Century Folk Hymnal Volume 1 published by Mayhew-McCrimmon in the United Kingdom in 1974.

Today, it is available in the in-print Hymns Old and New 2009 Catholic edition, as well a concerto arrangement (link below).

YouTube suggests that the song is still used by in various denominations.   The original text, and one mostly used in the UK, includes "O Christian people", but in some places this is changed to "O faithful people".


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Original recording - folk band:

Singer, self-accompanied on guitar:

Choir and congregation with organ - live recording:

Choir with orchestral instruments - professional recording:

Instrumental - piano:


1 Open your ears, O Christian people,
open your ears and hear Good News.
Open your hearts O royal priesthood
God has come to you.

God has spoken to His people, alleluia.
And His words are words of wisdom, alleluia.
God has spoken to His people, alleluia.
And His words are words of wisdom, alleluia.

2 Israel comes to greet the Saviour,
Judah is glad to see His day.
From East and West the people travel,
He will show the way.

3 Those who have ears to hear His message;
those who have ears, then let them hear.
Those who would learn the way of wisdom,
let them hear God's words.

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