Wide, Wide as the Ocean (I Claim for my Own a King on a Throne)

This is a children's hymn about God's love.  The chorus is based on Romans 8:35.

 It was written by American Gospel song-writer Charles Austin Miles (1868-1946), and first published in 1917 in Jubilate: A Modern Sunday-School Hymnal.

It is set to a tune by Miles, named I CLAIM FOR MY OWN A KING ON A THRONE.

The chorus alone is now often used as a children's Sunday School song - complete with actions - and is in various campfire hymn books.


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Chorus only, adult singer with synthesiser, on-screen lyrics:

Child singer with backing track:

Action song version, with on-screen lyrics:

Singer, self-accompanied on guitar:

Instrumental - fairground organ style:


I claim for my own a King on a throne,
The Maker of land and of sea;
Whose throne is on high, He ever is nigh,
To love and care for me.

Wide, wide as the ocean,
High as the heavens above;
Deep, deep as the deepest sea,
Is my Saviour’s love;
I, though so unworthy,
Still am a child of His care,
For His word teaches me that His love reaches me everywhere.

I wander away, from Him I might stray,
But ever the sound of His voice
Is calling to me where e’er I may be,
To make my heart rejoice.

The byways are fair but often a snare,
Is hidden where pleasures abound;
So close to His side I’ll ever abide,
For safety there is found.

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